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Round The Island Race - 2019 Weather Briefing

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Weather Briefing - Friday 28th June 2019 at 18:00hrs
Race Day - Saturday 29th June 2019 at 07:30hrs

As Official Technical Partner, Raymarine will once again team with leading marine meteorologist, Simon Rowell, to deliver the all-important pre-race weather strategy using the high precision Theyr weather and ocean forecasting app via Raymarine’s Axiom multifunction navigation system and powerful LightHouse 3 operating software.


Watch the live 2019 Round The Island Race Weather Briefing below


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Daily Weather Updates


Today, Tuesday 25th, is an unsteady and light day. A small low developing over France should move NE into the North Sea, and as it does the light unsteady wind should back from an early morning N/NNE round to W/SW later on. The timing on this is very uncertain. It’ll be raining in the morning but should clear after noon.

Weather: N 3-6 kts, backing WSW 3-7 kts at some stage. Cloudy and very wet at times in the morning, dry with sunny spells after noon. It’ll be a humid 21-23⁰ C.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 26th should see this low over Denmark with another one over Spain and Portugal. There should also be a high centred NW of Ireland stretching towards Norway. This should bring a warm steady NE. It should be a warm dry day, overcast in the morning, sunny after noon.

Weather NE 9-13 gusting 16 kts, veering ENE 12-16 kts around sunset. A dry warm day reaching 21-23⁰ C.

On Thursday 27th the low over Spain should be moving N towards the Atlantic W of Ireland, with the high starting to dip down into the North Sea. This will bring a stronger ENE and a sunny and warm day.

Weather: ENE 14-18 gusting 22 kts. Sunny, 21-23⁰ C . Lovely day on the water

By Friday 28th the high should be settled in the North Sea up the E coast of the UK, with the low WSW of Ireland. This should bring a strong E breeze with the dry sunny conditions persisting.

Weather: E 14-18 gusting 23 kts, sunny, 21-23⁰ C.

Saturday 29th looks to be a day of two different weather regimes. The North Sea high should gradually move E with the Atlantic low deepening and moving towards Iceland.

While the high still drives the weather we should get a moderate occasionally blustery ESE/SE. Later on as it moves away and the low starts to dominate this will veer right to a lighter SSW/WSW. The big uncertainty is when.

Weather: SE 10-14 gusting 17 kts then gradually veering right S then SSW then SW7 11 kts through the day. It should be mostly sunny with some cloud coming in later with the SW, 21-23⁰C

Sources used: Met Office, Theyr, ECMWF, NOAA.

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Today, Friday 28th: the low W of Biscay should gradually move N and start to spread out today, while the high centred in the S North Sea should move a little closer to Denmark. This should continue to bring a quite strong ENE veering right E gradient driven wind. It’ll be another warm sunny day.

Weather: ENE 118-23 gusting 26 kts around the back of the Island this morning, veering E aroun d noon and easing a little towards dusk, E 15-20 gusting 25 kts by dusk. This will be a little less in the central Solent and guided by the land, E 14-18 gusting 21 kts veering ESE 15-19 gusting 22 kts after noon. The sea state should be 1.5 2m outside. Sunny, 22-24⁰C.

Tomorrow, Saturday 29th: should see the high in the E give way to the low from the W. The high should move back into the centre of the North Sea and the low only slowly push in from the W. This means that the general E/ESE flow should stay in until the early afternoon before easing and gradually and unsteadily veering right, finally ending up as a steadier W/WNW out of the low in the evening. It’s going to be another warm and sunny day with some cloud scraps coming in with the new breeze later.

Weather: ESE 10-14 gusting 16 kts for the starts, easing ESE 8 12 kts but still fairly steady until soon after noon when it should start to gradually and unsteadily veer right, S 5-9 kts by 1700. Once it goes W of S it should start to fill in and be steadier, SW/WSW 6-10 kts then W 7-11 kts by dusk. It should be sunny , and hot in the early afternoon, reaching 24-26⁰ C. There may be scraps of cloud coming in with the SW/W breeze later, and this flow should be a little cooler.