Mast Rotation Transmitter (T221)

Wireless, solar-powered sensor for determining mast rotation angle.

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Mast Rotation Transmitter (T221)


Powered by the sun and connected by Raymarine's wireless Micronet technology, the Wireless Mast Rotation Sensor accurately measures the movements of a rotating sailboat mast to provide compensating data to a connected wireless wind system. This ensures wind readings of the highest accuracy on high-performance sailing craft.

  • Compatible with Raymarine wireless instruments
  • Built-in solar panels keep an internal battery pack charged and ready
  • Wireless Micronet networking for easy, no-wires installation
  • Fully waterproof and maintenance-free design
  • Requires a Raymarine Micronet display with compass setup capability for calibration (Digital, Dual Digital or Remote Displays)
  • Micronet Wind Transmitter and Hull Transmitter with Compass Transducer required.

Wireless Mast Rotation Transmitter (T221)

Compatible with Micronet Wireless instrument systems

Wireless Mast Rotation Transmitter (T221)

SKU: T221
Wireless Mast Rotation Transmitter (T221)
  • Micronet wireless network compatible

  • Built-in battery with solar charging