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R109 Through Hull Transducer

Urethane, 2kW

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R109 Through Hull Transducer

R109 Overview

With 16 internal ceramics the R109 is a powerhouse transducer. The thru-hull design ensure maximum performance by putting nothing between the transducer and the water. The added beam width of the medium frequency provides additional visibility in shallower waters.

R109 Models

R109 Low-High Transducer SKU: A80039

R109 Low-High Transducer

  • Max Depth (Ft): 6,000(L) / 1,500(H)

  • Frequency (KHz): 38-75(L) / 130-210(H)

  • Beam Width: 19°-10°(L) / 8°-4°(H)

R109 Low-Medium Transducer SKU: A80040

R109 Low-Medium Transducer

  • Max Depth (Ft): 6,000(L) / 3,000(H)

  • Frequency (KHz): 38-75(L) / 80-130(H)

  • Beam Width: 19°-10°(L) / 13°-84°(H)

R109 Low-High Wide Beam Transducer SKU: A80323

R109 Low-High Wide Beam Transducer

  • Max Depth (Ft): 6,000(L) / 800(H)

  • Frequency (KHz): 38-75(L) / 150-250(H)

  • Beam Width: 19°-10°(L) / 25°(H)

T109 Transducer Resources

General Specifications




Power (RMS)



Depth / Temperature

Hull Material

Fiberglass / Wood / Metal

Cable Length

33 Ft. / 10 M.

Deadrise Angles

0 - 25°