PM275LH-W Pocket / Keel Mount Transducer

Bronze, 1,000W, Dual Frequency 42-65(L) / 150-250(H) KHz

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PM275LH-W Pocket / Keel Mount Transducer

PM275LH-W Overview

Airmar's exclusive wide beam transducers features a constant 25 degree beam angle for the entire High CHIRP spectrum. The result is improved shallow water coverage while maintaining the high resolution capabilities associated with the High CHIRP channel. Available in a variety of configurations, there is a wide beam transducer solution for almost any vessel. *All wide beam products come with a 2M pigtail off the transducer. Pair with a CHIRP Transducer Extension Cable (3, 5 or 10M) for a complete transducer installation.

PM275LH-W Models 

PM275LH-W Pocket/Keel Mount Transducer

SKU: A80325
PM275LH-W Pocket/Keel Mount Transducer

PM275LH-W Transducer Resources

General Specifications


Power (RMS)


Max Depth

3,000 Ft. (L) / 800 Ft. (H)


42-65(L) / 150-250(H) kHz

Beam Width

25°-16°(L) / 25°(H)


Depth / Temperature

Hull Material


Cable Length

6 Ft. / 2 M.

Deadrise Angles

Installation Dependent