RCR-SDUSB Remote Card Reader

Remote card reader for Axiom chartplotters with USB port

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RCR-SDUSB Remote Card Reader

Easy remote MicroSD access

The RCR-SDUSB remote SD card reader with a USB port provides remote microSD access to Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro, Axiom Pro 2, and Axiom XL chartplotter displays. The RCR-SDUSB is recommended for Axiom and Axiom+ installations when the rear microSD card reader is not readily accessible. Axiom XL installations require a remote card reader like the RCR-SDUSB RCR-1 for microSD card access.  

RCR-SDUSB Remote Card Reader Models

Remote card reader for Axiom with USB port

SKU: A80440
Remote card reader for Axiom with USB port

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Card reader
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SD card, Micro SD card (via adaptor), USB A

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Mounting gasket


Fixing screws (M3x16 Panhead PZ) x 4