LightHouse for Sailing

28 February 2024

LightHouse for Sailing

Learn about the latest sailing features of Raymarine's LightHouse 4.6 operating system

Sails up, game on!

Sails up, game on!

LightHouse 4.6 is the latest release for Raymarine’s lineup of Axiom-series chartplotters. Packed with many exciting new sailing features, this latest LightHouse release will help you become a better sailor. Read on to discover more. 

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Enhanced Sailing Performance

LightHouse 4.6 adds several new features and capabilities for sail racing and cruising yachts. LightHouse 4.6 for Axiom includes with it updates and new features that work with Alpha Performance Displays and Evolution autopilots.

New! Steer-to-Polar Autopilot Mode

The integration between Axiom, Evolution and your boat has never been more powerful! New in LightHouse 4.6, Axiom-series displays can steer your boat to a Target Wind Angle from your boat’s polars. This feature expands on the wind vane steering mode added in the previous release and gives sailors even more options for fast cruising under autopilot control. Sailors can also choose from Steer to Apparent wind Angle (AWA) and Steer to True Wind Angle (TWA) modes in addition to traditional heading and navigation modes.

New! V2 software for Alpha Performance Displays

Included with the LightHouse 4.6 update is the new V2 software for Alpha. Be sure to check out Alpha’s new Next Leg Navigation page, designed specifically for performance sailing. This page shows you the time to your next waypoint, the mark rounding direction, next course to steer, and the true wind angle for the next leg. You will also find expanded databox offerings, new widgets, and even a new IP camera viewer. 

Has it been a while since you last updated your Axiom? If that is the case there are even more features you’ll want to take advantage of, engineered just for sailors! When you update to LightHouse 4.6 you will receive ALL of our latest new features and enhancements. Recent additions include:

Polar Manager

Import your custom polar diagram values into Axiom. Axiom can utilize custom polars to help you achieve maximum performance from your yacht. Polars can also be edited on the Axiom display to fine-tune them for your hull.

Automatic Sail Plan Recommendations

Import a custom sail plan for your boat, and Axiom can make real-time recommendations for when it's time to raise, reef, or change sails. The sail plan supports both upwind and downwind sailing. 

Automatic Speed Through Water Calibration

Raymarine has developed a patented technique to calibrate the speed transducer and eliminate tack-to-tack, heel, and linearity errors. Proper calibration of the speed transducer also greatly benefits your wind system’s True Wind Angle and Speed data. Compatible with the DST810 Smart transducer. 

Wind Shift Indicators

Axiom now offers a customizable bar and numerical data displays to indicate trending wind shifts visually. Adjustable averaging time and instant reset capability ensure you are always aware of what the wind is doing.

New LightHouse Features for All Boaters

  • New and improved display of key sailing values including tack and opposite tack, next leg true wind angle, and maximum all-time SOG.
  • Swipe-out sidebar remote control of new Alpha Performance Displays.
  • Updated marine forecast zone for SiriusXM marine weather (available in North America only).
  • Improvements to the graphics and smoothing of NMEA2000 engine dials and displays.
  • Faster handling of panoramic photos with Navionics Platinum+ charts.
  • Improvements to the “Find Nearest” points of interest and services search tool in the Chart app.
  • New damping controls for depth, speed, wind, and compass heading data.