Video stabilization, GPS, and heading sensor for ClearCruise Augmented Reality on Axiom chartplotters

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 AR200 with a Raymarine marine video camera

AR200 Overview

The AR200 is a unique marine sensor and video stabilization module consisting of a GPS (GNSS) receiver and an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) sensor. The AR200 provides GPS position, compass heading, pitch, and roll data to Axiom chartplotters. Combined with a compatible marine camera, the AR200's video stabilization capabilities enable ClearCruise™ Augmented Reality features available on Axiom chartplotters.

ClearCruise AR Features

Screenshot showing Augmented Reality boat data

Make Smarter Decisions

See critical navigation objects overlaid on HD video. Surrounding AIS-equipped vessel traffic and charted navigation aids are clearly identified with rich graphics on a live, dynamic video image.

Night time photo showing Augmented Reality boat data

Recognize and Respond to Nearby Marine Traffic

Color-coded labels provide instant identification, status, and risk-assessment Live AIS Targets. ClearCruise AR provides positive identification of AIS equipped vessels on the horizon.

Augmented Reality showing details of US coast guard vessel.

Understand Complex Navigational Situations

Major chart objects are identified for instant, heads-up recognition. ClearCruise AR technology shows you visually where your saved waypoints and marks are located.

ClearCruise augmented reality in split screen chart mode

See your waypoints in the real world

Visualize nearby marks and waypoints for easy navigation. ClearCruise AR technology makes it easy to pick out the buoys marking the edges of the safe channel on a hazy day.

Make Smarter Decisions with ClearCruise Augmented Reality

ClearCruise™ AR (Augmented Reality) brings enhanced on-water awareness to Raymarine’s family of Axiom® chartplotters. With ClearCruise AR, you can make smarter decisions with physical navigation objects overlaid directly on Axiom’s high-definition video display.

ClearCruise AR200 Sensor Module

Augmented reality GPS and heading sensor for Axiom

SKU: E70537
Augmented reality GPS and heading sensor for Axiom

AR200 Resources

GNSS (GPS) receiver
Geodetic Datum


Satellite Differential Type (SBAS)

WAAS (United States), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan), GAGAN (India), QZSS ready (Japan)


Simultaneously track up to 28 satellites



GNSS (GPS) satellite system compatibility

GPS, GLONASS, Galileo ready, Beidou ready


Cold start = -147 dBm, Re-acquisition = -160 dBm, Tracking = -164 dBm

Signal acquisition


Differential acquisition


Operating frequency

1574 MHz to 1605 MHz

Update rate

10 Hz

Position accuracy with SBAS (95%)

< 5 m

Time to first fix from hot start

< 45 seconds

Time to first fix from cold start

< 2 minutes (< 60 seconds typical)

Position accuracy without SBAS (95%)

< 15 m

Speed accuracy (95%)

< 0.3 kt

Magnetic compass accuracy

Static = ≤ 1° RMS, Dynamic = ≤ 3° RMS

AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference Sensor)

3-Axis digital accelerometer, 3-Axis digital compass, 3-Axis MEMS Gyro digital angular rate sensor

Heading, Pitch, Roll and Rate of Turn update rate

10 Hz

Pitch, Roll and Yaw accuracy

≤ 1°

Waterproof rating

IPx6, IPx7

Storage temperature range

-25° C to +70° C (-13° F to 158° F)

Operating temperature range

-25 ° C to +55° C (-13° F to 131° F)

Relative humidity



EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, Australia and New Zealand C-Tick compliance Level 2, RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU, WEEE Directive: 2012/19/EU


Diameter: 108.48 mm (4.27 in), Depth: 41.57 mm (1.64 in)

Operating voltage range

9 V dc to 16 V dc (protected up to 32 V dc)

Power consumption

30 mA Max

Nominal supply voltage

12 V dc (Supplied by the SeaTalkng network)

LEN (NMEA 2000 Load Equivalency Number)


What's in the box?


Mounting trim (Top)


Small sealing ring




3 x large bulkhead bracket fixings (Pan head pozi DIN7981 ST 3.9x22 C Z A4 Stainless steel)


Mounting tray (Bottom)


4 x small surface mount fixings (Pan head pozi DIN7981-ST 2.9x13 C Z A4 Stainless steel)


Bulkhead (Wall) bracket


Large sealing ring




6 m (19.69 ft) SeaTalkng (White) cable