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Mercury VesselView

Mercury VesselView

Mercury VesselView for Raymarine

Mercury VesselView for Raymarine

Raymarine’s Axiom chartplotter systems offer advanced engine integration with Mercury Marine engine systems using their SmartCraft Connect gateway.

The built-in VesselView app is factory-certified and provides a comprehensive view of engine performance data, fuel levels, service reminders, alerts and much more. The VesselView app can be displayed full-screen, split-screen, and even on a convenient slide-out engine status bar. VesselView on Axiom also supports Skyhook digital anchor system available on many Mercury Joystick Piloting systems. VesselView for Axiom can simultaneously display data for up to 4 Mercury Marine engines.

An integrated engine solution

An integrated engine solution

For Mercury & Raymarine Owners: Delivers Mercury’s premier engine information display experience to Raymarine Axiom users.

For Boat Builders & Integrators: Allows boat builders and installers to create a fully integrated navigation and engine helm solution around a single Axiom or multiple Axiom display network.

To get started with Mercury VesselView on Axiom, consult with your local Mercury Marine dealer and ask about getting a SmartCraft Connect gateway for your boat. Once installed the gateway hardware integrates seamlessly with the SeaTalk NG network and provides a full stream of NMEA2000 and Mercury-specific data to the VesselView app on your Axiom displays. When properly configured, the SmartCraft Connect gateway and VesselView app on Axiom are certified to work in place of traditional VesselView screens or gauges.

Key Features

Key Features

  1. Start Up & System Status
  2. Speed & RPM Dials
  3. Tabs
  4. Gear Selection
  5. Tank Levels
  6. Trim
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How it works

With the SmartCraft Gateway linking the Engine to Raymarine's MFD the VesselView App will be available on the Axioms Lighthouse home screen.

The Raymarine VesselView app only works in conjunction with the Smartcraft connect gateways, please refer to the table for compatible part numbers. Once installed the gateway needs to be configured by an authorized Mercury dealer.

Mercury SmartCraft Connect
Mercury Part NumberDescription
8M0173694SmartCraft Connect - Under Helm - Single Engine
8M0173696SmartCraft Connect - Under Helm - Dual Engine
8M0173703SmartCraft Connect - Under Helm - Triple / Quad Engine
8M0173704SmartCraft Connect - Under Cowl - Single Engine

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