Raymarine SmartPilot System Builder


An inboard autopilot system consists of three elements:


 Mechanical linear drive 


SmartPilot Course Computers 


Control Heads  

The Drive Unit


The Course Computer

Control Heads

The drive unit is the part that interfaces with your vessel's steering system to keep you on the right course.


The course computer is the central intelligence hub of the autopilot system, linking the autopilot control head to the drive unit. Sold with a fluxgate compass.


This is the display unit you use to control your autopilot system. Options include multiple control heads, full-function remotes and joystick controls.




The SmartPilot System Builder


To select an autopilot correctly, you will need to find out what type of steering system is installed on your vessel. This may involve opening a few hatches and looking at the gear, or this may be a simple case of consulting your boat dealer or steering manufacturer.


Raymarine SmartPilot systems accommodate hydraulic, mechanical and power assisted stern drive systems. If you are not sure how to determine what type of steering system is installed on your vessel, please consult a Raymarine dealer.


SmartPilot System Builder


The SmartPilot system builder is to be used as a guide only!

Selecting an autopilot can be very specific to your boat and due to the complexity of particular autopilot applications Raymarine always recommends that you contact your local Raymarine dealer for assistance in determining the right SmartPilot system.


Raymarine is not liable for any errors in selecting an autopilot for your boat using the following system guide.


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