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Dragonfly Software

Software download and update information for Raymarine Dragonfly products:

  • Applicable for: Dragonfly 4, 5, 6, 7, 7Pro - All variants (this does not apply to the Wi-Fish product).
  • Software Version: v12.20 & new Base Map
  • Release Date: Nov 2017



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Wi-Fish Mobile App

Stream Dragonfly sonar data right to their smartphone or tablet with the Raymarine Wi-Fish٠mobile app.

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Software History

Version Release Date Features
v1.21 Base Map Nov 2017

Change to the Base Map revision to align with Production Line Machines

  • Note: No visible changes for the End User.
v12.20 Sept 2017  Change to the User Interface to provide a better experience when connected to the new CPT-S-DF 20-degree transducer (A80545)
  • A new menu option to select which transducer you have connected to the Dragonfly:
    • Sonar & DownVision (i.e. CPT-DVS, CPT-70 or CPT-80)
    • Sonar only (i.e. CPT-S)
    Note: If you select "Sonar", the Dragonfly will hide the DownVision screen options.
Nov 2016
Delivers the following improvements:
  • Introduces the ability for Wi-Fi enabled products to synchronise waypoints with the Dragonfly mobile application.
  • A new "App" has been released along with this version for smart devices;
    •  Apple "Raymarine Wi-Fish" App = v0.4.49
v12.09 Jan 2016 Delivers the following improvements:
  •  Updates for the new Dragonfly-7 Pro Startup Tutorial
  • "Snap to bottom" when in zoom has been removed
  • Bug fix in Wi-Fi connectivity for the mobile Wi-Fish app
v12.08 Jan 2016
  • Initial Release for Dragonfly 7 Pro
  • Superior Downrigger Sonar performance on all Dragonfly products
  • Improved bottom tracking capabilities on all Dragonfly products
v11.46 April 2015
  • Various improvements and fixes
v11.45 April 2015
  • C-MAP cartography support (Essentials and 4D MAX feature support only)
  • User interface improvements with regards to Ranging/Zoom in the SONAR app
  • Various improvements and fixes
v11.41 Feb 2015
  • DO NOT USE. This version has been replaced by v11.45
v10.10 Oct 2014
  • 5Hz GPS Refresh Rate (introduced in v10.09)
  • SONAR logging ability added (introduced in v10.09)
  • Disabling of a Test circuit (introduced in v10.09)

v9.47 April 2014
  • Changes to support Dragonfly 7"
  • Dragonfly Zoom feature now has split screen view
  • Simulator fixed to solve freezing issue
  • Complete translations for Norwegian and Italian LoU screens
v9.40 Feb 2014
  • Raymarine Lighthouse Chart Support
  • Chart Data Selection
  • Navionics Sonar Chart Support
  • Navionics Freshest Data Update
  • User Interface - Redesign
  • Reorganisation and Renaming of Menu Features
  • Improved 'My Data' Menu and Dialogues
  • GPX File Format Support
  • Waypoint Symbols and Symbol Search
  • Waypoint Area Search Option
  • Distance Unit Set-Up
  • User Handbook Updated
v6.31 April 2013
  • Initial Release