• Software for: C Series Wide - C90w, C120W, C140w
  • Version: v2.35
  • Date Released: July 2012

Software History

Version Release Date Features
v2.35 July 2012
  • Improved AIS performance including increase of the Class B AIS target time-out period to prevent the MFD unnecessarily dropping AIS targets and providing correct TCPA calculation of both stationary and active AIS targets.
v2.20 Jan 2010
  • SeaTalkNG support for the AIS500
  • Added support for 3rd party N2K AIS receivers
  • Added support for Navionics 16GB Platinum Plus cartography
  • Added support for the DSM400 Fishfinder module (programmed with v5_88 / v5_30 application software / boot loader)
  • Added support for the 12KW HD Digital Radar System
  • Added TATA (Track Acquisition Turn Angle) to the SPX Course Computer Series
  • Resolved erroneous datum shift
  • Genset data removed from UI in Data Application Menu – issue with J1939 translation
  • Unable to display speed when using fishfinder transducer "Y" cable E66022
  • GPS Status on repeater MFD shows either NO FIX or ???
  • Invalid depth data displayed when not acquiring bottom-lock
v1.13 Aug 2009
  • Resolves isolated cartography sector blanking, mainly reported in Scandinavia
v.1.12 Jan 2009
  • Initial Release