Must-have innovations: see clearly in total darkness

TH24 and TH32 Series Handheld Camera    

Described as the “must have” at the Southampton Boat Show, the new Raymarine hand-held thermal imaging camera is the ultimate in night vision technology for sailors, power boaters and explorers.


TH Series handheld camera new 

The Raymarine TH24 and TH32 rugged all-weather thermal imaging cameras give clear visibility for up to one kilometre ahead, even in pitch darkness. Weighing just 340g, equivalent to holding a jar of jam, they’re compact, easy-to-use and an essential piece of safety kit. 

Thermal cameras make pictures using heat rather than light and as everything, even ice, has a ‘thermal’ print, objects show up through the thermal energy they emit. Using FLIR thermal imaging technology, the Raymarine TH series of hand-held cameras allows users to see landmarks, rocks, buoys, floating debris and other vessels, even small inflatables, clearly in complete darkness. The thermal night vision capability also enables the user to locate people in the water and find the safety of shelter on a treacherous shore at night.


With a simple three button operation and a built-in LED task light, the Raymarine camera is easy to use when on the move. An internal camera (Li-lon) battery provides the power, and there is a USB cable to charge the battery when not in use.


Choose from:

  • E70032 TH24 Handheld Thermal Marine Camera (240x180 resolution) £1295 / €1495 
  • E70033 TH32 Handheld Thermal Marine Camera (320x240 resolution) £1995 / €2289 

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