Raymarine Terms and Conditions

  • Products being returned to Raymarine, should be adequately protected and packaged and insured for damage by the owner/sender. Any personal data, such as routes/ waypoints etc. must be saved onto another media, if this is not possible, clear instructions that personal media is still installed MUST accompany the product, because Raymarine cannot accept liability for lost or damaged personal data. Raymarine will immediately advise of any transit damage and not proceed with a repair until authorized to do so.
  • Any products sent/delivered in for Repair, must be accompanied by clearly documented product details, contact details, return address, billing party and details of product failure symptoms/tests already conducted to aid diagnosis.
    The above pricing includes return packing, postage/shipping and applicable UK taxes. Where products are hand delivered/collected to our UK Service Centre, a reduction of £20.00 including VAT (where applicable) will apply. Where product is collected & returned by Raymarine within the mainland UK, a reduction of £10.00 including VAT will apply.
  • VAT is included at the current UK rate. This will be deducted when it is not applicable to the destination.
    Whilst Raymarine strives to maintain these prices, there may be influences beyond our control which will affect pricing from time to time, such changes will be posted on our website and general pricing reviews conducted at mid and end of year, with prior notice given.
  • “Standard Repair” will consist of shipping damage inspection, diagnostics, dismantling, correction of faults, re-build, re-test etc as necessary, including parts to ensure the product is serviceable.
  • “Low Cost Repairs” consist of Software upgrade and Repairs where the Parts are less than £20 including VAT.
  • “Diagnostic Charge” applies where extensive diagnostics are performed and the unit is confirmed as No Fault Found. For repair of models not listed above – we will apply a Parts and Labour estimate basis.
  • Raymarine reserves the right to change or improve products without incurring the obligation to install such improvements or changes on items previously manufactured.
  • Raymarine warrants repairs performed for a period of 180 days from the date of repair, full details of the warranty terms and conditions are available on the Raymarine website. At its sole discretion Raymarine retains the exclusive right to repair, replace the unit with a new or refurbished Hot Swap unit, or offer a full refund of the flat rate of repair as its sole remedy. Raymarine may also offer upgrades at discounted rates.
  • Cosmetic damage and blemishes are not covered by repairs under this agreement.
  • Units that have been shipped in to the Raymarine UK Service Center that have been subject to mis-use, submerged, received excessive voltage damage, been incorrectly installed, modified or suffered any other extraneous damage, not associated with normal wear and tear, will not be covered under the Flat Rate Policy. You will be advised of the findings and a labour/parts quotation provided, should you not wish to proceed, the unit will be treated as Beyond Economical Repair – see below.
  • Units that are considered Beyond Economical Repair (greater than 75% of the published selling price of an identical or equivalent product) will not be covered under the Flat Rate Policy. Raymarine will charge the return postage fee as applicable. Alternatively, a discounted upgrade to a new product can in most cases be offered. When an upgrade is taken, Raymarine will scrap the product on our premises. Upgrades will be subject to normal stock lead times/availability delivery charges specified at the time.
  • Our normal Repair turn time is a maximum of 10 working days from receipt, subject to spares availability & lead times.