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Latest software summary for S2, S2G, S3, S3G, 150, 400, 150G and 400G course computers.


Software summary for Raymarine modular, below deck autopilot systems:

  • Type 150, 150G, S2 and S2G
  • Type 400, 400G, S3 and S3G

A software update has been issued for the Raymarine SmartPilot course computers S2, S2G, S3, S3G, 150, 150G, 400, and 400G. This software does not apply to the S1 or S1G models.

This software is version 3.02, and supercedes version 3.00. It has been issued to correct a minor bug which in a few cases has caused the course computer to lose its recorded calibration settings from its internal flash memory. The previous release of software, version 3.00, was specifically released to add support for the new SmartPilot Joystick control.

Users experiencing symptoms of calibration loss should look to see if they have software version 3.00, and if so, have their course computer upgraded to version 3.02 by their local Raymarine servicing agent, or the Raymarine factory service center. This software release is considered to be "routine" and can be upgraded during a normal maintenance or service visit for owners not experiencing this specific fault.

How do I determine the software version that is currently installed in my course computer?

  1. On your autopilot control head (ST6000+, 6001+, 7000+, 7001+, 8001+), press and hold the STANDBY key for 4 seconds.
    A number will appear on the LCD indicating the software level of the controller.

  2. Momentarily press the DISPLAY key and another number representing the software level of the course computer will appear.

How do I get my autopilot course computer's software upgraded?

Due to the complex nature of the Raymarine autopilot system, the course computer software is not end-user installable. For software update service, please contact your nearest Raymarine Service Dealer, or return the course computer to the Raymarine Factory Service Center.